20 October 2012 · 2 comments in Home

Ever since we got back from our honeymoon, I’ve been in serious nesting mode. We’re saving for a house deposit, so we don’t really want to spend lots of money or buy big pieces of furniture. We’re not ready for kids yet and despite my longing for a pet, that’s not in the cards right now either. So what’s a girl to do? Well, buy plants, name them and talk to them.

I’ve always had a talent for killing plants, but now that I’m all grown up (married even!) I figured it was time to try again.

Air plant

Terrariums and air plants are pretty trendy right now, but when James and I came across a make-your-own kit, we couldn’t resist it. I thought an air plant would be pretty easy to take care of, and so far I’ve been right. The plastic dinosaur has been hanging around our house for a few months after it arrived tucked into some kind of online order. Now he’s got a home.


And here’s Planty, our first real plant. I’m really paranoid about killing him, but so far he seems to be doing alright. So far, I’ve managed to keep him alive for six weeks.

And those are the most recent additions to the family, which are probably not that impressive to most people. I’m excited though and I’m already planning our next purchase. I do love the thought of bringing some more greenery into our home.

New place

13 February 2011 · 8 comments in Home


About three months ago, James and I moved from the apartment we’d lived in for two years into a Victorian terrace house. I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of the new place for months, but I only got around to taking them this weekend. While cleaning, of course. (I promise it’s not always this neat.)


The new place is everything we could have hoped for. It’s got great wooden floors and lovely period features. The only thing we’re missing is a dishwasher. And the awesome kitchen more than makes up for it. I love the opening shelving, especially since I have collected some great-looking china over the years to display on it.


My taste runs towards neutrals with lots of pops of colour. As you can probably see, my favourite is red.


Most of our furniture is from Ikea, which makes sense at this stage of our lives. I try my best to include other bits and pieces so I don’t feel like I’m living in an Ikea catalogue.


We don’t have permission to hang things on the walls at the moment, so we have a lot of prints leaning against the walls. At least they’re not hidden away in a closet somewhere so we can still enjoy them. The cushion was specially purchased for me at Anthropologie by a friend of mine. I spotted it on Design*Sponge years ago, and have been looking for it ever since.


We have quite the collection of DVDs stored in the Expedit unit that we use as a TV bench. I like to arrange books and precious objects on the coffee table, but it’s mostly covered in my other clutter. Yes, that’s me in the photo. I think it’s from my first Christmas.


The crocheted blanket is almost finished. I’ve still got a alot of ends to weave in, but I’ve been using it to warm my lap at night for months.


I’m particularly fond of my Orla Kiely bedding and Castle pillow covers. I’m still a bit surprised that James puts up with the bright patterns.


My jewellery and other bits and bobs live in little boxes and bowls on my bedside table. Since I’m too lazy to put everything away in the evenings, this saves me from having piles of necklaces and bobby pins lying around the house.


The gorgeous F. Scott Fitzgerald books on the dresser were birthday and Christmas gifts. The teddybear was my dad’s when he was a kid and the picture is again me as a little girl in the 80s.


My dresses look so pretty lined up on wooden hangers.


I’ve loved the Cats let nothing darken their roar calendars for years, so I was thrilled when James bought me one for Christmas last year.


This red Ikea bookcase is another thing I’ve been lusting after for years and we finally got it just after the move. I love that the glass doors protect everything from dust. When arranging our books, I decided to go with the colour-coding trend. It’s not be the most practical way to arrange books, but I love the way it looks.


The bathroom is white and clean, which is really all you can ask for in a rental. I may have bought the Grown handwash and handcream because of the gorgeous packaging, but now I love the product as well.


Wow, I didn’t realise I had that much to say about our house! Hopefully it wasn’t too boring.

Decorating with books

11 March 2010 · 3 comments in Home

I’m not that great with interior design or decorating, but I do my best to make my surroundings pretty. Recently, I’ve been using books as decoration. I love an overflowing bookcase, but I also like books stacked in more unexpected places. It’s a great way to display your favourite books after you’ve read them, and you can change them around regularly if you get bored. I usually see this done with coffee table books, but I find novels can work just as well. Just this weekend, I decided my dresser looked empty and arranged a few piles of to-be-read novels on top of it! I also like piling books on the floor, sideboards and coffee tables, and I love the wall shelves in the picture below.

{Images from some of my favourite Design*Sponge sneak peeks: Vynsie Law, Marianne van Ooij, Nicole Hill Gerulat, Vanessa Dina}

Castle & Things

5 March 2010 · 3 comments in Home

I picked up the latest issue of Real Living today, and I’m totally crushing on this beautiful bed linen from Castle & Things. The designs are hand-printed on the highest quality cotton sheets. I love mismatched, patterned sheets, and the orange and aqua colour scheme would match our bedroom perfectly.


{Image from Castle & Things}


3 March 2010 · 2 comments in Home


I’d love this Swedish milk poster. It reminds me of my childhood, even if we always drank “green” milk, not “red” milk.

{From Väckra Väggar, via Emmas Designblogg}

Clear Mountain Craft

2 December 2009 · 3 comments in Home

Sometimes when I go on Etsy, I find the most beautiful things right there on the front page. Case in point: these gorgeous bowls from Clear Mountain Craft. Major covet!

Clear Mountain Craft

{Images from Clear Mountain Craft}

Perpetual Calendar

18 November 2009 · 1 comment in Home

I love the idea of a perpetual calendar that you can rearrange year after year, but knowing me, I’d probably get bored of it after 6 months or so. Still, I can’t get past this calendar that I’ve seen popping up on some blogs recently. I love that all the images are from Paris, and it looks so striking on the wall–not at all like most calendars.

Paris Calendar

{Image from Little Brown Pen}

I went to IKEA

24 January 2008 · 6 comments in Home

And all I got was this lousy spice rack. And a new bin and toilet brush for my bathroom, but we don’t need pictures of that.

Spice Wall on my Fridge

Actually, I really like my spice wall. It sure beats plastic baggies covered in escaped chilli powder and stuffed in a plastic takeout container. The only problem is that the side of my fridge is the perfect size for 16 containers, but they’re sold in packs of three. I put labels on the backs because although the identity of most spices is obvious, I didn’t quite trust my ability to tell the difference between cayenne pepper and chilli powder in a couple of months’ time.


9 May 2007 · 1 comment in Home

I went to IKEA this weekend. Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish and I’ve grown up in a house furnished with IKEA, but I love that store. I always end up buying more than I planned and I love walking through the aisles looking at all the things I don’t need. Like my mum, I always end up with something new for my kitchen. I usually only go when I have a set purpose, however, and this time, it was a TV bench since I bought a TV a couple of months ago and it was still hijacking the coffee table. I did end up with a TV bench and I did end up with a couple of random bits and pieces, but I also got these beauties.

Basic storage boxes, for my growing yarn stash. I love organising things into boxes, and the pretty ones at IKEA are perfect for this. My yarn is all in the bottom one, I honestly don’t have very much (especially not compared to the pictures I see online). James laughed when I labelled it, but said it was appropriate since my knitting is an addiction. The funny thing is, I don’t even connect the word “stash” to drugs anymore, I’m so used to hearing it in relation to yarn! Anyway, the stash has been promoted from sitting in various paper bags next to my couch to their own box next to the couch. Great. {More}